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Guide to Living Skills 1-6

Posted in: 05-2-2008           by: ben

The following is from the original work of mijmerinck. Click here to read this piece of writing in MWO Wiki.

Once you have decided to start a new profession in life skills, it is important to see that most of the skills are connected to each other, in one way or the other. It is therefore important not to spread the skills over different characters. You can however let your bot develop the gathering, lumbering and mining skill.

First of all, it is important to state that for this tutorial I am using a multiple account. When you are crafting, you will need a lot of resources, and buying them will drain your bank account for sure, so let your bot do the work.

My ideal bot is a summoner, because they do fast killings without a lot of upkeep, meaning HP/MP potions. This is how you get started. My bot is now about lv 38, (levelled up the first 20 levels through powerlevelling, took me about 2hours or so, I know this can be done much faster J )

Also important! Remember that your proficiency will only raise when you use a skill which is less than 2 levels below your skill level. For example:M aking a minor hp potion (lv1) will not raise your proficiency when your alchemy level is 4

*Gathering & Alchemy:

You can use your bot to collect the flowers,and drop them off at the production principle where your other character will brew themup into potions. Transfer the potions that you make to your bot account when needed. You can sell off the others at the auction. Be sure to ask less than the current price at the NPC vendor or shoutit out on country chat(remember that it costs you 500 gold for every message you send out! Focuse on MP potions as the summoner heals itself by using these. Once you can produce the large potions, let alchemy aside for the moment.

*Mining & Blacksmithing:
This skill is quite similar to the tailoring skill, since it produces the materials in a cheap way to level up your craftingskill.
Try to purchase the solid tools as soon as possible, so you can let your character do some hard work without having to fix his tools every 10 min. Every piece ofarmour you make,can be decomposed into powder. However, you will have to pay each time you decompose, so beware of this.Sometimes I sell off the normal and blue armour pieces, and powder all others. This is because you get more powder when decomposing for example a gold or darkgold helmet, while selling them to a NPC will give you the same price as the normal armour pieces. You also get a higher chance in obtaining the lv8/16/32/…stones. You will need these to levelup your crafting skill, so don’t throw them away ! Here again you can let your bot do the hard mining work for you. Do not underestimate this skill, you will need the mining skill to produce interesting enchanting ingredients.

I like this skill a lot, and it is also a bit more fun. You will need flax/soft&hard&beast leather/silk/satin for your first 5-6 levels. These can be obtained by farmingo utside suncity/hope oasis/skellhole III (this is for empire, dunno what the equivalent is for dynasty. Set your bot in this manor that it will only collect the raw materials (flax/leather…) andof course lv stones/Pandora boxes.
Transfer the hides to your tailor at the production principle, and let him make some beautiful armour pieces. Decompose them again to obtain the normal and fine magic powder. Focus on making the correct type of armour in order to obtain the desired powder when decomposing. (you willraise your tailoring skill when making a lv 4 robe, but won’t be able to use the perfectpowder when it is decomposed if your skill level isn’t high enough. This is also true for the blacksmithing skill.

After you have cleared the first hurdle with the level 8 stones,you can raise your level by transforming normal magic powder into fine magic powder. Here you have to make an important choice, do you want to become rich, or level up fast… fine powders are very much in demand, so you could be tempted into selling a stack for 20-25k. Don’t do it, (unless you need the money badly) Use an alt to store the powders, you will need a lot of fine powder to level up again !

For me, I got very annoyed with all the lv stones that used up my inventory, my tip is, only save up the lv 8 stones until you can move on to lv 2, then use the powderingscheme to level up.
*Lumbering skill
This skill comes into the picture once you hit crafting lv 4. I waited with leveling up this skill until I hit Lv 6 on all other skills, as the material it produces doesn’t help develop other skills, at the moment.

Hope this small guide was helpful !