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Posted in: 05-2-2008           by: ben

This piece of writing is the original work of augustchild. Click here to read it in MWO WiKi.

MWO Robot, an in game function, allows player to automate many actions allowing them to be afk (away from keyboard). Very simple to use, the function consists of 8 tabs; Nurse, Setup, Skill, Log, Item, Team, Battle, Route.

Nurse: Specify when robot uses HP, MP, Pots. Also specify when you want to change equipment when durability runs out.

Setup: Specify how you move, who you attack, when you attack, and where you attack.

Skill: Drag and drop which skills you wish the robot to use.

Log: Provides details such as how many monsters you have killed, the experienced gained, and who has killed you whilst you were afk.

Item: Specify which items to pick up.

Team: Specify team attributes. E.g. Follow captain or assist captain and the picking hierarchy.

Battle: Mainly for Healers for specifying when to heal team members.

Route: Specify the route to take whilst botting.

MWO Bot Guide

Okay since a lot of ppl had some problems with the bot, I decided to write a short guide
about all the functions of the mwo-bot and what they actually do.
I hope its useful for somebody =)

I will start on the 2nd tab that is called “Setup”


Before u start your bot you should choose the map where you want to train.
To do so click the Button “Location”(1), choose the map, open it and choose a spot on
the map. (The first thing the bot will do now when you start it is to go to this place)

(2) “Attack” - If you set a mark on attack your character will use his spells (selected on the
“Spells”-tab to attack the opponent that you have “locked”.

(3) “Lock” - Your bot needs to lock an enemy before being able to attack it. A mark here
will cause your bot to lock the nearest enemy. [Unless you have selected "Hit and Run" (6) or change the lock manually
the bot will keep the enemy locked till it dies.]

(4) “Pick” - If you activate the command “pick” your bot will automatically pick up all the
items (in your range) that you have selected at the Item-tab. [I would personally
recommend to keep this command always marked.]

(5) “Auto Return” - Auto Return will bring your bot always back to the spot that you have
selected at “Location” (for example after visiting the next shop to repair his equipment)
[Note: Be carefull to use it if you are in an area where your character will have to pay an
entrance fee or use an teleporter to get back - you might end up being bankrupt.]

(6) “Phys Attack” - a mark on this command will cause your bot to run to the enemy that is
locked and attack him with your weapon. [Note: you will loose the control of the
movement of your character by activating "Lock" + "Phys Attack" since your bot will try to
run after every mob]

(7) “Hit and Run” - this option is mainly for archer and mages. If you have it marked your
bot will move away from the locked enemy after every attack. [After running away the
nearest enemy will be locked again]
-Some new Options will pop up after selecting “Hit and Run”
With “Face Melee Monster” activated your bot will not run away from melee mobs.
and on the right side you can choose different parameters for the Hit and Run
sequence. Just try wich settings fit best to your character/weapon/spells.

(8) “Target” - Choose here who shall be locked by the bot.

At Number (9) you can forbid your bot to attack mobs below or above a certain lvl-
On the bottom left side you can also set your bot to attack elites or ranged mobs in favour
or if he shall go back to the next shop to repair his equipment and buy&sell the items you
have chosen at the “Item”-tab and if he shall use a scroll to reach the next shop instead of
walking. (10)

On the bottom right side there are 2 slots for summoner to recast their pet and to heal it
when its healthpoints drop below a certain amount. (11)

-> In the example you see the settings for my mage.
He will only attack with spells (2) while locking his enemies (3), pick up items(4) and use
Hit and Run (7) to take less damage.
He will attack normal mobs as well as player from the hostile state (8), attack Elites
preferential (10) and to repair his equipment he will use a scroll to city.

The “Nurse”-Tab

MWO Bot Guide

The Setting here are mainly there to let your bot refill your hp- and mp-bars.
You see on the left Side 3 options for your hp (1) (2) (3) and 3 options for your mp (4) (5)
(6) below a certain amount.
You can place Items like hp- and mp-pots as well as spells into those slots.
At (7) (8) you can set your bot to change the weapon and at (9) to use “repair oil” to repair
equipment, but imo its easier to just activate “auto repair & supply item” at the Setup-tab.

-The example shows the settings for my summoner/healer.
He will use his heal-spells below 84% and 74% health, use an additional hp-potion if his
health drops below 52% and use 2 different manapotions to refill his manapool.

The “Skill”-Tab

MWO Bot Guide

Here is the place where you choose all the spells that your bot shall use(1). [You can drag
your attack spells into this tab aswell as your spells to boost yourself.]
On the bottom you can also select how many enemies have to be around your character
to use aoe(area of effect)-spells.(2)

-The example shows my ice-mage and some of his spells.

The “Item”-Tab


On this tab you can select wich items shall be picked up if you have “pick” activated on
the setting-tab as well as wich items shall be sold or bought automatically.
To do so choose the item that you want to auto pick up or auto sell out of the list on the left
(1), double klick it and mark one of those options (2).
To change those settings faster there is also a general setting to pick up all items of a
certain colour (3).

- in the example my bot will pick up all blue, gold, darkgold and green items plus some
white boots that i have chosen out of the list.

The “Team”-Tab


This tab looks a bit similar to the “Nurse”-Tab with the difference that the settings here will
only be used if your character is in a team.
The most settings here (1) (2) (3) are only for the healer to use his healspells not only on
himself, but also on his teammates. You can let your bot use 4 different spells on 2
amounts of the hp-bar of your teammember (1) (2) + 1one spell to use when a
teammember dies (3) [Revive].

There are also 2 options that are very important to every teammember:
“Follow Captain” (4) - will cause your bot to run (in a certain distance [beneath]) after the cap of
the team
“Assist Captain” (5) - will cause your bot to lock everything that is locked by the captain of
the team. (Note: this will not work if you have a mark on “lock” at the settings tab)
[Do not select one of those options (4,5) if you are the captain of the team - your bot will
most probably end up running around like crazy without hitting anything.]

-the example shows my summoner/healer that will use 1 weak healing-spell at 84% and 2
stronger spells at 74% + his revive-spell when somebody dies.
He will also follow the captain and attack whatever is locked by the cap.

The “Battle”-Tab


This tab is only used in siegewars or statewars and there is almost no difference to the
Team-tab, you can choose 2 Skills to heal you allies in a battle (1) (2) and 1 to revive
them (3). On the top is also a function called “Help Allies in Battle” to turn the whole
Battle-tab on or off.

The “Route”-tab seems to be not working atm or im at least to stupid to use it and will
therefore not be illustrated now.


- Some ppl have problems with melee charas not attacking while “Assist Captain” is on
and “Lock” is off. To resolve that just increase the “Follow Range”

- Autosell is sometimes not working correctly - to fix that changes all items back to “Dont
sell”, relog and choose then the items again that you want to autosell.

- The message “Auto-Return training Place is not activated” means basically only that you
have chosen the wrong map. Your bot will most probably work normally.

Plz don`t be mad if my english is not perfect.. :)