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[Official Guide]How to Give a Free Kick in Illusion

Posted in: 04-16-2009           by: john

Do you wonder how to get familiar with the map? Do you wonder how to make yourself invincible? Do you wonder how to make it through smoothly? Here is our guide for you:

Chapter 1: Free Extra Suit?!

Remember the house system of Magic World Online, which is similar to The Sims? The room layout and exquisite furniture are well embraced as soon as they were launched. It includes housekeeper, maids, furniture and ornaments and other NPCs and items. However you have to get them with your own hands.

And what is important is that the house system in Magic World Online is not only a simply ornamental system but a system backed up by powerful BUFF. All the furniture and ornaments will add extra power to players!

A mysterious priest who holds the key to the mysterious space shows up in city. However he only left few clues for us. In the mysterious space there are diabolic monsters, twisted space and the clues of Deva Suit. It’s an unknown land for adventures to explore in Magic World Online. We add lots of funky ideas and new gameplay which will lift your desire to a maximum in this map.

It’s challenging to defeat Bosses in no matter what type of online games and get the awards you lusting for. Isn’t that what you want, to fight with the ultimate Boss? In this horrible Illusion, creepy Bosses you have ever fought with will wake up from deep sleep and appears in new faces. What is worse, they are closely allied with each other and get overwhelming power now… Death will hit the headlines now and again. Deva Suit are the only hope for players…

Chapter 2: Cheat Mode or God Mode?!

Remember the Dark Fort, full of obstacles? Regardless of dangers and hazards, warriors march there and fight with these monsters one after another! Use cheat mode to make it through!

Low Defense? Use Magic Defense for +300 DEF plus

Low HP? Use HP Spring to double your Max HP

Low MP? Use MP Source to double your Max MP

Low Attack? Use Champion Power for +300 AP plus

Low Skill Attack? Use Heroic Shrine for +300 AP plus

Even more, Deva Light can lift all the powers above

The Cheat Mode of Dark Fort will have been fully used in Illusion! They will help you kill all the monsters without effort. These barriers will be no longer difficult to you!

Dark Fort Illusion will not be the end of Magic World Online! We will continue to release more exciting monsters and systems for you to play.

We publish the Official Guide to make the game easier for you! You will have better chances to get the rare Deva Suit! Hundreds of play methods and over 70 ideas of Magic World Online are prepared for you to research and reveal! Have fun!