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Tips on avoiding being hacked or scammed

Posted in: 10-29-2009           by: john

Are you feeling mad about being hacked, scammed and cheated? Of course, who wants to be fool around and let his valuable items get stolen in the game. However, no matter what, hacking and scamming seems like inevitably doomed to happen once in a while. It’s not because players are not so clever but because the means of tricking players are really subtle and it’s really hard for them to see through. The followings are several typical tricks that the players will usually ignore or easily fall for in the game.

1. Pretending to be GM

These hackers and scammers will usually make up a name really similar with GM like GM_John. Then they tell the players in the game to give out the info of their acc. Do you still remember that popular Book Event? We GMs exchanged the SB with you guys for medals. We formerly informed every player be aware of the spammers who pretended to be GM and add GM in their char name. But still many players fell for that and gave the medal to them without getting the SB.

2. Hacking in the Internet café

Most of the hacking events happened in the internet café. Why? Because there is hardly personal space in the internet café and it’s quite easy to have a peep into other player’s computer screen when inputting the name and password of the accounts.

3. Acquaintance Hacking & Scamming

Acquaintance Hacking happens all the time. People think their relatives or friends are trustful, so they drop their guard and give out the account info. Once there are two brothers in the game. A promised to feed the child coredragon for B, then B gave the coredragon to A who never returned it. Then B sent a ticket to us, asking us to give back the core from his brother. But the coredragon has been sold by A.

4. High-level players Hacking & Scamming

Most players think if they were led by a higher player, they will level up fast. So they give out the info of the acc or some items to these high level players.

There are more tricky ways which can get your items stolen and your acc hacked. These days a lot of players get scammed by trading for the item Gold Soul. The spammer uses player’s negligence and put the item with the exact same picture with Gold Soul in the trading slot. But actually what they traded is just a scroll of super corps alter teleportation.

We really want to help every player who got hacked and scammed. But sometime the loots are spread far away; although we could trace them we have no way to get them back. Besides since trading is done on voluntary basis, we usually don’t take responsible for that. So sometimes don’t count everything on GMs, learn to take care of yourselves is what you need to do.

We just rapped up a few typical examples. Here are some tips for you to prevent the hacking & scamming thing from happening.

1. Never trade any items with so-called GM easily. Usually we GM will send you the items through e-mail box. We also have distinctive outfit to identify ourselves. And only GM can talk to you through Sys channel.

2. Be alert. Don’t give out the information of your account or any items to anyone even your best friend or your brother unless you are 100% sure he is trustful.

3. Be careful when playing in the cybercafé or dormitory. Especially when you input the account name and password. Make sure no one is watching you when you do that.

4. Make sure the internet is clear without any virus.

5. Sort out your history data from time to time.

Hope these tips can help you more or less. Have a second thoughts when disclose the information to other players.

Lastly wish you have fun in the game and good luck!!!