Adjustment of State War and WU Prize

Posted in: 08-30-2012           by: mwonews

As we know, we have different time periods of State War for USA players and European players. Our players are divided into two parts to attend different State War. To increase the cooperation of USA players and European players in State War and reactivate the great part of MWO, we decide to adjust the time of State War to the original setting, which means our players have only one time period for State War from now on. The only time period is 19:00-21:00 of every Saturday (PST).


We always appreciate what our players do for MWO. As a token of our appreciation, we will improve the prize of WU payment from Sep, 1 to Sep, 10. You will get two more Type B cards if you make a payment of Type D card and two more Type C cards for payment of Type E card via Western Union.


Have a nice day! J