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Congratulations on the winners of Free Platinum Give-Away!

Posted in: 06-23-2008           by: iris

The event of free pt gave-away to celebration the new server Mcomet has lasted one week. Everyone has played intently to get a high level since the server open. Now it is time to announce the result!

The name list is arranged according as players’ level. If there are same levels, it is ordered by your exp!

aloser 45
Unknown 45
ANGELA^_^ 44
Sephi*new* 44
Dreamscape 43
Juggernaut 43
cuthulu 43
BowOfTerror 43
Chikons 43
jpee20 42

All of above will get 800 pts! Congratulations!

Rexiol 42
Uchiha_Itachi 42
seXyNicole 42
summoner_xueli 42
Spacedgypsie 42
KniGHt_rIder 42
KozaQ 42
BroHam 41
HammerB 41
sourkraut21 41

The rest of ten players will also get 300 pts!

We will send Pt reward on PST 0:00am Jun 24!