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Announcement of Free Pt Giveaway Adjustment(Updated On Dec. 15)

Posted in: 12-15-2008           by: iris

The effect of this adjustment will be given proper evaluation from now till Jan. 15, 2009.

Recently, we found some players were using high level account to help low ones on their alternate accounts to level up in order to get the 50pt prize for the level 40 players. They have gained thousands of pt viciously (4k-5k free platinum per week). The way to claim prize has to be adjusted. We are sorry for the trouble.

[Clarified] Please note that the vast majority of players (not the above-mentioned ones) are immune to the effect of this adjustment. You can still upgrade your alternate accounts to level 40 to claim pt prizes by the following way!

1) If you are in the old servers, please submit a ticket to us to get your free platinum. We will manually send extra 50pt to qualified players (50+50).

Please write it as the example below:

Title: I want to claim the level 40 prize.

Content: My IGN (In-Game Name) is XXX. My server is XXX.

2) If you are in the new servers released in two months, then you can claim 50pt as usual (NPC) in game.