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Nirvana of the Heroes – MWO Version 3.0 Coming Soon

Posted in: 06-22-2010           by: jane

Where drums beat, peace is gone. A lot of heroes lost their lives in cruel battles against their enemies. And now, the time finally comes, the time for nirvana, the time for you to avenge yourself, and your allies.

At PDT 18:00 June 23, all MWO servers will be shut down to update for an hour. After that, the new version 3.0 – Nirvana will be released on PDT 19:00 June 23. This is a milestone in the history of Magic World Calendar, also a turning point of the war. Now let’s take a look at why.


• New quests
In version 3.0 we’ve added a lot of quests about the Devils and something else. Most of the quests are for players at level 70 and above, while some of them are for lower levels. By doing the quests, player will have chance to gain the Legend Equipment easily.

• A new State War System
Added the 3rd camp – Devils, which is hostile to both Empire and Dynasty. Now the state war is no longer between players themselves. The involving of the Devils will thoroughly break the balance.

• Brand new Divine Equipments!
This is a revolution of equipments. Differ from ordinary equipments, the attributes on Divine Equipments are re-designed to meet the needs of every single class. We can say Divine Equipments are much more powerful and humanized. With these divine equipments, the time for you to turn the tables has come!


• New skills
Mages now have a new skill – HP Recover. A short life is the biggest weakness of a spell caster, so with this new skill, mages can surely do better in battles.
Furthermore, some other class will also gain new skills. A new order is waiting to be established

• New items
There will be new mounts in celebration of the 2rd anniversary and Elemental Jewelry etc.

P.S: Please first download the manual patch for MWO Version 3.0 and install it in the right place. More details, please visit: