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Patch Update 20120329-MWO v3.1 Update

Posted in: 03-29-2012           by: Ville

After weeks preparation, we are glad to announce that MWO v3.1 will be released at GMT-8 23:00 , March 28, 2012, right after the server maintenance!


All you need to do is to simply double click the shortcut of Magic World Online on your desktop or run mwo.exe in your game folder and the auto update will help you with it.


In this update, we’ll have the follow features:


1.New Map- Emerald Island

To enter Emerald Island , you need to talk to Captain Ocean Liner in the Uptown and pay 200k for the entrance.  Be careful with the mobs there, they have pretty much resistance and def.(Karame Hunter Elite is unable to be tamed)


2.New Mount- Tiger Mounts

There is a little chance that you will get the tiger mount as a loot from the Dark Slayer, the Elf Knight (Boss) in Emerald Island.


3.New Weapons- lvl 100+ Weapons

With the release of Emerald Island, lvl 100+ weapons are added into the drop list of the mobs in it.  Meanwhile, Weapon Appraisal Stone (lvl110) can be composed with 12 rare sapphires moonlight box now.


4.Growing Weapon Cap Raised to +23


Physical Attack

Skill Damage











5.Adjustment on State War

Now the state war only takes place every Saturday night and the honor package contains 3 fireworks.


6.Training Dummy Added

3 Training Dummies are added into Arena(Dynasty/Empire) for test purpose.




lvl 60 Dummy



lvl 90 Dummy



lvl 120 Dummy




Additionally, in this update, the system performance (especial the pk performance) will be optimized and players cannot modify the client to get some convenience any more.