Game Announcements

Patch Update Version 0805

Posted in: 08-6-2008           by: iris

1.      Fixed some quests’ descriptions

2.      Fixed Growing Weapon’s description at NPC Blacksmith.

3.      Added the composition of God-Cultivated Gem using Moonlight Box. You can compose three unsatisfied God-Created Stones into one random-attribute God–Cultivated Gem. The gem might be better than a normal God–Created Stone but inferior to an excellent one.

4.      We have added some possibility to drop Friendship Wings, Stamps, National Flares (S) / (M), Bliss Exp Stones (S) at the following locations: Armed Coast, Shadow Forest, Dragon Vale, and Hope Oasis.

5.      Added Blessed Crystal (M) / (L) in MWO Mall

6.      Added new Pet Powder in MWO Mall. You can buy five different kinds of powder now!

7.      Increased the probability of Clever Potion to figure out or increase hidden attributes.

8.      Increased the effective area of teleportation in Beast Camp and Tunnel.

9.      Changed Friday’s prize of Lucky Hammer to Friendship Wing at NPC MWO Ambassador.

10.   Fixed the mistake in the name of Archer’s Shadow Arrow Skill.

11.   Fixed the title of Ice Pontifex.