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BC Score Conversion Continues for One More Month

Posted in: 08-31-2008           by: iris

Great news for BitComet users! Since we received very positive feedbacks for the event, we have decided to further extend the event one more month. If you still have BC scores that you wish to convert into platinum, you’d better hurry up. More scores, more platinum, and more fun in MWO.


The conversion rules are the same as before. You can make your conversion at the time windows below:


Sep. 1 - Sep. 10,

Sep. 11 - Sep. 20,

Sep. 21 - Sep. 30


During each time window you can exchange up to 50 platinum. Therefore, you will be able to convert at most 150 platinum during the extended event period.


Where to make the conversion? Please click here:


If it is the first time you convert score, please click here for more info: