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Become a MWO Promoter, and Get Free Platinum

Posted in: 05-12-2008           by: ben

If you are interested in becoming a MWO Promoter, click here to respond to this forum post.

Now you could earn valuable Platinum (Pt) by helping us promote MWO! You can do so in one of the following ways:
In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:
A. Joining in this activity means you agree Ingle Games and its partners could use your articles.
B. If you want to quote other player’s article or ideas, please preserve his/her name.
C. Promoter is welcome to use the picture materials provided by Ingle Games, go to 2nd floor of this post for detailed information.
OK, here what you need to do to become a MWO promoter
1. Reply this post to sign up for MWO Promoter; the standard statement is like this. I want to become a MWO promoter and my IGN (in game name) is [PM]Kane
2. After you have applied for the Promoter, please deliver a post which only belongs to yourself in the Promoter Section. The title must be unified as follows:
Promotion Performance of [Kane] (add your in game name not forum name)
3. Introduce this game in several ways.

1) Introduce MWO in various game sites, game forums such as or etc. You can describe the game, add a comment in gamelist, express your opinion about the game, introduce some features or write a full review. Please make sure you describe this game in an objective way, don’t overrate it
2) Introduce it in your personal BLOG, or some networking community site (such as or
You can add game intro in your blog or just call your friends to play our game.
Myspace users please visit and Add Jane as your friend;
Facebook users please visit and add Kane as your friend. So we can go check your post in your profile.
If you use other SNS sites, please tell us.
3) Any other way you can think of, such as make a gameplay video, change your MSN nickname…

4. After you write the article, please reply (not post) your link to us at your own performance post in Promoters section of official forum. We need 2 days to evaluate the article and its effect to decide on the amount of Pt rewarded. Once confirmed, you can possibly earn Pts ranging from 5 Pt to 100 Pt. We’ll try to be as fair as possible on the amount of rewarded Pt., but you have to understand it’s all subjective judgments of our GM.
Become a MWO promoter today, and have tons of fun with your friends!
If you have already help us promote this game, please post the existing links, we’ll give your reward ASAP

Picture Materials
Some picture resource that might be useful to our promoters (418KB) (Really Big 55M)