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Christmas Event is Here

Posted in: 12-22-2011           by: Ville

Dear players,

Christmas has arrived in the Magic World, are you still making up your mind what to do during the holidays? Check out the following events and updates and I’m sure that you will find your favorite!



1.The Traditional Piggy Event:

From 00:00 Dec 22,2011 to 00:00 Jan 5,2012 (GMT-8)

You will find Christmas Naughty Piggies in most of the maps and the refined stocking you got from them can be exchanged for some gifts at the Sapling in the Sky City or Sun City.

2. New Year Beast and Twin Bosses:

From 00:00 Dec 22,2011 to 00:00 Jan 5,2012 (GMT-8)

Do you guys still remember the New Year Beast that kidnapped the Santa Claus? They are back again! Kill the Bosses in Wave Island, Turtle Island , Ice Mountain , Bog , Crimson Fort, Sandie King Grave and you will trigger the New Year Beast which spawns randomly in the current map. Will you get the gifts that the Santa Claus meant to give to you from the beast? Try it out.

In the other maps, you will find the boss brings his brother into the Magic World, load your weapon and go get them!

3.Discount On Mall Items:

From 00:00 Dec 22,2011 to 00:00 Jan 5,2012 (GMT-8)

Blessed Pack 900pt –> 700pt

Fried Chicken 350pt –> 200pt

Attribute Protective Stone (100pieces) 1000pt –> 400pt

Divine Star Promotion Package 600pt –> 500pt

VIP Repair Oil 150pt –> 100pt

4.MMOsite Christmas Carnival:

Our partner MMOsite has brought an ongoing carnival to all players. It’s really a big time that you can’t miss it !  Click here to join now , earn the Cryolite sets and more thrills are waiting for you!



1.Reflection Stone

It’s a stone that gives you skill rebound attribute , it can be exchanged at the Mysterious Begger with a Fried Chicken.

2.World Arena:

The Obsession Tigers and the Elites are now removed. And now we’ve got 2 more spots with 4 tigers each in the World Arena. Meanwhile, the drop rate of the divine stars has been doubled.

3.State War:

Now only lvl 60+ (include lvl 60) players can take part in the state war.


The success rate of enchanting gears with armor pieces,lucky stars.. etc. is increased , same as the bloodlust heart.

5.God Created Stone and God Cultivated Gem:

Now you are more likely to get good leech or skill attack attributes on God Created Stones and God Cultivated Gems.

6.Divine Star:

The divine star has been added into the drop list of the bosses in Evil Zodiac,Plague Shadow, Execrative Sanctuary, Wailing Stronghold, Fort Battlefield.


HP of the bosses in Execrative Sanctuary is cut by 1/3  but the defence is increased.


At last, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


MWO Team