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Convert Your BC Score into Platinum

Posted in: 07-27-2008           by: iris

Good news to all the BitComet users. Now you can get free platinum by converting your BC Scores into Platinum as long as you play the new concept MMORPG Magic World Online. The more you use Bitcomet, the higher your score will be, and the more free platinum you can get!


Check out this page to see the innovative features of this exciting game, and start downloading!


Activity Rules:


1.      You can convert your BC Score into platinum according to a conversion ratio of 10:1.

For example, if you have 17910 score in your BitComet account, you can change 1791 platinum. WOW!  What is a BC Score? Check here:


2.      There are four time windows during the activity period to make your conversion:

July 25 - July 31,

August 1 - August 10, 

August 11 - August 20, 

August 21 - August 31

During each time window you can exchange at most 50 platinum. Therefore, you will be able to convert at most 200 platinum during this activity period, but we might hold future activities of such kind, and you can continue to convert more scores into platinum!


3.      You must own a BitComet Passport account to make the conversion. The converted Platinum will be available in the same MWO account as the Bitcomet Passport. (you can use your Bitcomet Passport to log into MWO directly).


4.      Each player is eligible to claim the platinum in one Bitcomet account only.


This activity will have its test run from July 25, 2008 to August 31, 2008. (We might continue this event afterwards.)