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First Siege War Launched in Magic World Online

Posted in: 04-29-2008           by: ben

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With more than 2 weeks’ character progression in Magic World Online Closed Beta II, more and more players have become fully capable of serving their respective countries. At 19:00 PST on Wednesday, April 23, a large Siege War was launched between the two opposing countries, Dynasty and Empire. The goal, was to enter an instance of the Royal City of the other country, defeat all mobs, and take over the city. Both sides were successful to get rid of the strong defense of the other side’s Royal City. However, Dynasty players were able to take over Sun City more efficiently than Empire players were able to take over Sky City, thus winning the Siege War and better prizes. Perhaps due to more extensive war experience from previous guild wars, Dynasty players seemed more confident than Empire players during the Siege War. They saw the first Siege War as some kind of warm-up exercise for their upcoming battles against their opponents. Although Empire players lost the first Siege War, they fought their very best without fear and promised to come back in full force in the next War.

At the beginning of Siege War, a huge army from Dynasty began their invasion to Sun City. Most of them were over Lv40 and came from very high-level guilds. At first they seemed to have neglected to examine the defense of Sky City carefully, which included two resisting fences, various NPC guards and one final Guard Dragon. They got stuck at the defense line and part of the army could not join the battle. After regrouping their available man power, they assigned one team to distract the attention of ranged guards, a second team to cope with the annoying inner fence which can regenerate very fast, and a third team to back up those were low in HP. It was not until they were faced with the overpowering Guard Dragon that they realized they had been weakened so much by the NPC guards could not defeat the Guard Dragon with their remaining soldiers. They waited somewhere away from the Guard Dragon for their dead soldiers to revive and return, and the reinforcement finally came and allowed them to finally take down the Guard Dragon and claim victory.