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Happy Halloween

Posted in: 10-27-2011           by: Ville

To celebrate 2011’s Halloween we have prepared a series of events for all dear MWO players. The events will last from GMT-8 00:00 Oct 27 to GMT-8 24:00 Nov 2. Now let’s see what we can do in this coming Halloween.


1. Trick or Threat

You may have a chance to encounter with a boss or find some candies when you open a Pandora Box during the Halloween events.


2. More Candies

If you do Heart of Reputation or Heart Of Glory quests given by the Palace Guide during this Halloween, you’ll get a Halloween Chest with a Reputation Heart, an Honor Heart and some Candies inside it.


3. Halloween Exchange

Halloween Candies can be used to exchange for bound skill books with the Activities Principal in uptowns. Ask the Principal for details.



After the events end, the Candies will not be removed, but you can no longer get more of them. The exchange option at the Activities Principal will not be removed as well.


Time for fun, guys! Enjoy the Halloween events!