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Magic World Ver.3.0 Manual Update

Posted in: 06-22-2010           by: john

What is MWO3.0-ManualUpdate?

Magic World  patch MWO3.0-ManualUpdate contains the pics and other resources of new maps, new monsters and new items which will be used in the Magic World Nirvana V3.0.

How to Manually Download and Install MWO3.0-ManualUpdate?
1. Download the patch below and save it under your “Magic World Online” game folder.
2. Double click the Patch File to start installation. Please make sure you install the update to Magic World folder such as D:\Magic World online in your computer! If you could find a file called “MWO 3.0 Updated.txt” in the Magic World folder, then you have successfully updated with this manual patch.

After the patch has been set up, you will find the game looks the same as before. That’s because we haven’t updated the game client and the servers, a thing that will be done within the following two days. After that, you’ll be able to join Magic World Nirvana V3.0! Please wait for a while! Thanks!