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MWO Comic Contest Prize

Posted in: 07-13-2008           by: iris

This is the first round of MWO Comic Contest. We will choose three honorable mentions from all qualified entrants and grant each winner a wing of his or her own class. The wing not only has improved attributes but also has a wonderful appearance. Players who are ready for this activity can submit as many comics as possible. The Contest and all the comics are copyright © 2008 Ingle Games Ltd. All rights reserved. Please submit your comics before the Deadline July 31, 2008.


If you still don’t know how to join in this Contest, please click here.

The Introduction of Wing

Dragonbone Wing (Legend)

Class: Archer


Demon Wing (Legend)

Class: Mage


Elven’s Wing (Legend)

Class: Summoner


Mars’s Wing (Legend)

Class: Warrior