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Special Prize for Platinum Buyers December & January

Posted in: 12-22-2011           by: Ville

Snowfalkes fly, Santa Claus arrives, here we go again, with this rhyme : Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way…

We’ll count your total payment since June 1 , as long as you hit a $300 mark, you will be eligible for a prize and you can pick one from the prize list.Still no idea how this event works? Click here to see the details.

Prize List:


Prize A: 2x God Cultivated Gem (Leech/Skill Attack/Critical Physical Strike or Skill AP )

2x God Cultivated Gem with 125 leech/385 skill attack/10 Critical Physical Strike or Skill AP.


Prize B: A Gift Box which contains 100 Heaven Fragment (S)

Heaven Fragment (S) is essential when you compose some valuable items such as Spiritual Stone and YoungDragon Ring in the Moonlight Box and King Ring is the best you can get.Please check Column “VIP” in the Moonlight Box for more details.


Prize C: A Reflection Stone

A Reflection Stone with 15 skill rebound.


Prize D: God Created Pet Amulet (Leech/Skill Attack)

A God Created Pet Amulet with 184 leech or 568 skill attack.


Prize E: A Divine Material

You can specify the divine material you want.


If you are eligible for the prize, you can claim 1 of those 5 prizes by sending the ticket to with your account name, server name, prize type and some details like the kind of the gem, amulet, divine mat,etc..We will send the prize directly to your mailbox within 1-2 working days.  Any other questions, just feel free to contact us via the support center.



We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



MWO Team