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Thanks for your giving

Posted in: 11-24-2011           by: Ville

In this day, all staff in Ingle Games want to thank every MWO player for your support to this game. You gave us a lot indeed, we can’t go this far without you. In return to everything you’ve done, we’ll try our best to offer our traditional warm and constant service in the future! Thanks for your giving!

Besides, exciting events are also necessary. Let’s take a look at the events in this Thanksgiving.

1. Double Exp on All Servers

Event Period:

0:00 Nov 24 – 0:00 Nov 28 (GMT-8)

During the Thanksgiving every old and new MWO player get 2x exp. Please be aware that this effect can be stacked up with the effect of Bliss Exp Stones and Bliss Exp Crystals!

2. The Treasure Hunters – Reload

Event Period:

0:00 Nov 24 – 0:00 Dec 1 (GMT-8)

This well-loved event is coming back in Thanks giving!

If you dig treasure in a place pointed out by a complete Boar/Werewolf/Goblin/Undead/Half-beast Treasure Map, you may have a chance to find a Fragment of Ancient Map (Robber, Giant, Dragon, Angel or Belial). Piece 3 Fragments of the same type together and you’ll get a clue where an ancient treasure is buried.

The ancient treasure includes Rings, Amulets, Necklaces, Bliss Exp Crystals, Legend/Gold Suit Exchange Tickets, Magic Stones, Senior Intensified Cystals and the most wanted Immortal Badges!

What are Immortal Badges and what can we do with them?

Immortal Badges can be turned in for an ultimate prize at NPC Prize Exchanger:

Badge Type Prizes
Immortal Badge I Elementary Coredragon Coredragon Egg Goldenphoenix Egg
Immortal Badge II Coredragon Egg Goldenphoenix Egg
Immortal Badge III Legend Scythe
Immortal Badge IV Gold Cloak Blessed Crystal (B)
Immortal Badge V Blessed Crystal (Super)


1. Before you’re trying to dig a treasure or exchange for a prize, please make sure there’s enough space in your backpack.

2. Since the ancient treasures are too attractive, it’s not likely the bosses in Magic Land will stay away from them. So be careful when you’re digging, a boss may show up and attack you without any warning.

MWO Team