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The King of Living Skills

Posted in: 11-16-2008           by: iris

After two weeks’ hard working, the top ten masters of living skills have finally come out. Each of them will get one house title deed and one supernatural tool. Congratulations to all of them! Here is the winners’ name list.

No.1 MEDIC sum of level 36 sum of proficiency 1294

No.2 DragonRider

No.3 MidnightRain

No.4 Yuna

No.5 SoySumoner

No.6 BeastMaster

No.7 Death_Archer….

No.8 Starbuck

No.9 Warsum

No.10 Christy

Please submit a ticket to our support service, writing down your IGN and the supernatural tool you want. There are three different kinds of tools for you to choose, Labor Day’s Cutting Axe (Dodge + 30), Labor Day’s Mining Pickaxe Max (Ap + 35) and Labor Day’s Gathering Cleaver Skill (Attack + 50)