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The Winners of Trivia Questions

Posted in: 09-18-2008           by: iris

After weeks’ careful selection, we finally picked 1319 questions as the winning questions of our Trivia Contest. We’d like to thank all the participants’ hard work to provide us with all the questions. Here are the TOP 10 winners of the Contests:

No.1 Wild (Genesis) 257

No.2 Whitebears (Aurora) 249

No.3 ShadowMage (Mcomet) 184

No.4 Panah^Petir (Aurora) 117

No.5 Wornie (Genesis) 98

No.6 Raonni (Daedalus) 92

No.7 Thanathos (BitComet) 89

No.8 KuchikiRukia. (Mcomet) 85

No.9 haj0306 (BitComet) 78

No.10 dilettante (Genesis) 70

The winners of first 3 places will each get a wing and 200pt. Please PM me with your clas so that our GM can send the correct wings to your mailbox. No.4 - No.10 winners will get some free pt. (The number of questions provided X 3). Thank you and enjoy the prizes.

The questions will be added in our repository of trivia questions after next time maintenance. Thank you for your supportation!