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Trivia Contest Questions Wanted(Updated 08/25)

Posted in: 08-11-2008           by: iris

No plagiarism!

Trivia Contest is a new system of MWO which will be released in the new version in the near future. It is just like an encyclopedia. You need to possess sufficient knowledge to answer questions covering various aspects. If you can answer them correctly in the time window, you will also be rewarded lots of experience. We will publish a detailed guide of Trivia Contest on our official website when it is released.


Now, as our repository of trivia questions is not very large, we decided to collect questions from our players. The questions can be from different subjects such as math, history, art, biology etc, and most of them should not be too difficult to be answered. We play for fun, not for research, right? All the questions should be in the format of multiple choice questions.


You can submit them here.


GM will select the questions and determine whether they are suitable. The 1st, 2nd,and 3rd place winners judged by the number of questions accepted will get a wing an 200pt. The 4th -10th will get some platinum. For each question you submit and we accept, you will receive 3 platinum, so if you submit 10 questions, you will get 30 platinum. This rule is only for fourth to tenth.


We will post the event progress every Monday on our official website and forum. The event will last until 23:59 PST Aug. 31, 2008 and we will announce the final winners shortly afterwards.


Add a new rule:

You can’t use several accounts to compete, we will check IP and only choose one account!

We will announce the number of questions you submit on every Monday, and we won’t divulgen your account. We will use NO.1, NO.2…

After the event ends on Aug, 31, our GM will begin to select qualified questions. The result will counted by the final number of your questions!