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Best Dream? Or Worst Nightmare!

Posted in: 11-23-2009           by: john

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of Light, and it was the age of Darkness.

Ancient rumors have floated for thousands of years that the gods left rarities boxes of invincible equipment, divine materials and esoterica force in an occult and majestic temple on Magic Land. At the time full of peace and prosperity, thousands of valiant soldiers started to look for it… Unfortunately, none of them had a triumphant return with these legendary rarities. A soldier who had a narrow escape reminisced that actually the temple was defaced with loft-dried blood and rotten bodies. Divine rarities have been seized by purulent and grisly demons. They held the keys to rarity boxes and took advantage of these divine things! These devils set 9 formidable barriers to stop those who chased after the treasures and slaughter soldiers one after another… The ever-glory temple was utterly turned into an Execrative Sanctuary!

Since then the memories of the rumor and the sanctuary were gradually fade away…

However, the chaotic epoch of today reminds heroes of that legend! Facing furious and multiplied devils and monsters they realize that they should head to the living inferno Execrative Sanctuary instantly and wrest more reinforced weapons! Magic Land warriors should conquer the monsters there and bring back all the treasures to arm themselves in order to protect the entire Magic Land!