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Chaos in the State War

Posted in: 04-29-2010           by: john

Too long we have hungered for this fight.

Too long that our surging blood starts to be cold.

Too long people are merely waiting

Dynasty and Empire has historical dispute on how to divide the resourceful Golden Plain. During this dispute grew mad on time, a state war between the two countries was broke out. So long as it’s in the interests of both sides, the state war lasted almost hundreds of years. However, a turning point happened when Devils were attempted to get involved in Golden Plain.

A good geomantic omen with plenty of resources always attracts those greedy Devils. All monsters were prepared and peeped wickedly from them. Not only to grab the great resources of Golden Plain but also take this opportunity to control the whole MagicLand. Humans will never allow Devils to attain their ambition. Remaining Humans were then cornered in an extremely hostile environment.

2010-04-29 14h35m00s_000

For the MagicLand, Human beings have to face up to the universal threat of devils. But don`t forget those devils have come prepared and never improvise.

Great chaos will soon come in the State War in Magic World 3.0 update. Brave soldiers, arm with your best sword and shield. Not only to survival in chaos, but also for the excellent drops.

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To conquer we need to dare, to dare again, ever to dare.

Win at all costs, impossible is nothing!