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Countdown of MWO Ver.2.0—Binding

Posted in: 08-21-2009           by: jane

What’s your deepest concern? Collapsed national war, good friend departure or failure in love? What depresses players most is no doubt account theft. Players treat characters with great care as if they are another self. So it is rather understandable if you despair when you log in, find your character naked on the street and all the equipment and items are gone which cost you enormous time and energy.

For that reason we designed new binding system in the interest of players.

Binding system has two sub-statuses: system binding and artificial binding.

1. System Binding

•Equipment shown “No Trade” means It is bound to a player by the system.

•System-bound equipment can’t be unbound, traded,boothed, auctioned, mailed and sold to NPC, but they can be abandoned and lost when owners die.

2. Artificial Binding (In Binding and Releasing Binding status)

•Players use certain property to bind or unbind equipment, which adds “In Binding” or “Releasing Binding” to the equipment description.

• Players can buy this special property called “Item Binding Stone” from Mall, right click it and then left click items to make them bound.

•Players can also unbind items by using “Binding Release Stone” that is also sold in Mall. After purchasing it, players shall right click it and left click the item they intend to unbind, putting the latter into a week-long period marked as “Releasing binding……”. After it, the item is removed from “In Binding” status.

•Under “In Binding”, properties can’t be traded, boothed, auctioned, mailed, discarded or sold to NPC.