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Countdown of MWO Ver.2.0—Plague Shadow

Posted in: 08-21-2009           by: jane

A doomsday slaughter broke out in the ancient war, waged by Lucifer for his ambitions of greed to rule this magic land.

With the help of mysterious and mighty soldiers, humans won the victory at the expense of heavy loss of lives. The soldiers then disappeared at a time when the human habitats remained destroyed and the survivals were still being threatened by beasts and plagues.

Fight or perish!

Brave people stood up to the reality with no tolerance of more fellow deaths. Through a lot of years of hard working and unbowed efforts, civilization flourishes again.

In this instance named Plague Shadow, players are transferred back to this horrifying era.

Through Baldwin, the Hunter (Dynasty)/ Phillo, the Chieftain (Empire) at the main cities, players return back to the epoch of darkness where nothing but cooperation is a must to conquer the 8 tough Bosses possessing high attributes and unimaginable skills. Also, different combat strategies should be adopted to kill different bosses due to their various random skills. Players should keep watch on bosses’ each move for final victory.

From the boss drops, you could gain a special item named Bone Fragments. By composing them in the moonlight box, you could make a lot of new jewelries which is more helpful than before.

Though the instance is known for its mutated monsters, plague diffusing around, powerful bosses, it is equally well known for amply rewards such as top-level skill books and countless great equipment!

Disperse the shadow and rewrite the history!