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Experience the Magic of Knowledge
with MWO Trivia Contest at Uptown Great Genius Boy

Posted in: 09-1-2008           by: ben

Thanks to the considerate MWO bot, we are able to sit back and appreciate the Olympics. Fascinated by the spectacular show of grace and athleticism, a unique practice is being required to release that strong passion.

With the energy of Olmpic Flame already transformed into burning fever on mind, Magic World is striking while the iron is hot to integrate a Trivia Contest system into its sophisticated game world. The Trivia Contest purpose is to let players share their own knowledge and wisdom with each other while still having fun. Only by answering some questions will your hero level up easily and quickly!

The Great Genius Boy at Uptown

By teleporting your hero to Uptown by Sun City or Sky City Teleporter you can challenge the great Genius Boy in his Trivia Contest. By partaking in his contest you are assured great rewards of leveling experience points. The amount of experience points rewarded will be tailored to the hero’s level.

The great Genius Boy will also give you the following explanation when challenged: Quiz can be done once a day (system resets at 00:00 PST every day). Quiz contains 10 random multiple-choice questions, with 30 seconds’ time limit for answering every question. Next question will appear automatically when current question is answered. If you answer a question correctly within in the time limit, the remaining amount of seconds will add to your final quiz points. 29 seconds left = 29 quiz points earned; 0 sec left = 0 quiz point earned. When your quiz is finished, click [Exit] to have system count (calculation based on character level) your total quiz points into experience points prize. The amount of experience point’s prize will be displayed on the lower right of your screen.

Genius Boy has just now ended his call for help. Thank you so much for sharing your original ideas contained in the collected questions, your talented contributions can be shared by all players, thank you!

With so many players-sourced questions, which hero will have the greatest knowledge and wisdom? Which hero will learn things so fast? Answers up to your mastery! Let’s truly make progress every day, at leisure in Magic World Online!

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