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Not an April Fool’s Day Joke – The First MMORPG with a Legal Bot!

Posted in: 04-1-2008           by: ben

You can use a bot legally in a MMORPG! And no this is not an April Fool’s Day Joke. In Magic World Online, the integrated MWO Robot is a legal bot that can help you better experience the Magic World.

As has long been known to many gamers, illegal bots in MMORPGs give their users considerable advantages over other players. On one hand, the normal players hate the bots and more specifically hate the fact that there are no real effective means out there to eliminate these bots once and for all, but on the other hand, many of those normal players have been tempted themselves to use the illegal bots themselves to gain that same advantages. The advantages in leveling and elimination of repetitive mouse-clicking explain why so many players decide to use illegal bots and risk losing all their hard work to a possible permanent ban by the game publisher.

For the honest players and the upright citizens of the gaming community, doesn’t the repetition sometimes get to you? How many dedicated students or workers have quit their favorite MMORPG because they couldn’t keep up or didn’t have the time to get to that next level? (Consider the difference between solving a arithmetic problem by hand or by using a calculator. Once you get used to using a calculator, do you really want to turn back and try solving the problem by hand?) Over the years in the real world, human civilization has grown through its simplification of repetitive and redundant processes. Why then, has this same inventiveness not applied to the virtual world up until now?

Now imagine an MMORPG where this inventiveness is allowed to thrive; a game where the repetitive nature of the game isn’t nearly as prevalent, where you can grow and learn without having to sit there and click on the same things over and over again just to gain that one more level.

Introducing Magic World Online! Magic World Online is a fantasy MMORPG which provides its users with a fair game environment and a first-ever built-in legal ‘botting’ system. The game got under way on March 9, 2008 for its first round of closed beta testing. As stated by its first 500 members, everything worked out pretty well with the integrated bot system, appropriately named the "MWO Robot". Among its boasts, the bot is much more stable and considerably more powerful than all known illegal bots out there that attempt to provide similar services to the MWO Robot and beyond that, the "MWO Robot" is capable of handling much more than just basic killing!

In order to let you form your own unbiased opinions of the MWO Robot let’s focus on the facts and simply give you some examples of what it can do. One of the most important function of the Robot is the Nurse Function. In order to have the Nurse’ function take care of recharging your HP and MP while it is fighting, simply drag relevant potions from your backpack and place them in the appropriate slots in the Nurse Panel. You can customize when the potion should be use by setting the percentage of your HP or MP that should trigger the recharge. The Nurse can also switch out your gears that are low in durability and replace them with new ones. Furthermore, the Nurse can automatically repair your equipment if you set it up with sufficient repair oil in the appropriate slots. And finally, the Nurse’ is always ready to provide your character with buff-giving items, keeping your character at optimal state.

Another important Robot function, the integrated Combat function, is designed to allow you customize your battle tactics through various option settings. You can prioritize various attack skills, set up a battle range, and your attack strategy. More excitingly, you can set up your Robot to pick up the various loots dropped by your enemies.

This is the most comprehensive in-game Robot you will ever see, and it has many other exciting functions waiting for you to try out!

Finishing its first stage of closed beta testing, Magic World Online is set to start the second phase of closed beta on April 6, 2008. Once this stage of closed beta begins, there will be no more server wipes between then and when the game goes live, so any characters created during phase two of closed beta will continue on into open beta and commercial release of the game. Take this opportunity to be one of the first to try out the very first game with a legal botting’ system with its exclusive access for Magic World Online.