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MWO Interview from MMOSite

Posted in: 05-3-2008           by: ben

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Summary: Magic World Online is a recently released MMORPG. Innovative new concept, that’s what made Magic World Online distinguish itself above other titles. This game is the first MMORPG to integrate in-game video chat system and official robot system.

Magic World Online is a recently released MMORPG. Innovative new concept, that’s what made Magic World Online distinguish itself above other titles. This game is the first MMORPG to integrate in-game video chat system and official robot system. They are all for the pursuit of gameplay and giving players more time to enjoy real-time community with their hands freed from repetitive grinding job.Now let Kane Hao, the product director for Magic World Online, give us some latest news and details about this anticipated MMORPG.

MMOsite: First, congratulations you’ve successfully concluded the first closed beta for Magic World Online. How many players have taken part in the test? And what’s the feedback? What exciting content will be available in the second round of closed beta?

Kane Hao: Thank you very much. We are very happy about the result of CB I. Over 2000 players had participated in the first Closed Beta and they were overwhelmed by the unique and innovative design and game play of MWO. In particular they were most impressed by the in-game Video Chat system and the MWO Robot. The Video Chat system allows players to have a certain degree of intimacy while playing the game, and the MWO Robot provides huge convenience to our players, and make MWO a truly “FAIR” game, since it completely eliminates the use of illegal bots. In the second round of closed beta, we will introduce some high level maps, new instances, as well as Siege War and State War.

MMOsite: To those who have never heard of Magic World Online before, how would you describe Magic World Online in your own words?

Kane Hao: The focus of MWO is on its new concept gameplay. If you are among those who are tired of the unnecessary job for character control, those who are curious about the idea of growing weapon and intelligent mount, those who find the implementation of video communication technology purely a blessing not a curse, as well as those who feel the existence of guild must be highly community oriented and even have a real estate…you should give MWO a try.

MMOsite: How many classes are available in Magic World Online? And how does the class transfer system function in Magic World Online?

Kane Hao: MWO has 4 starting classes: Mage, Warrior, Summoner, and Archer. Each class can diverge into different professional tracks as your character levels up, through a very unique feature called the Class Transfer. Each subclass has its own unique skills. One of the most interesting thing is that in the 3rd class transfer if one decides that he/she has made the wrong choice of the career path, he/she can talk to an NPC to cancel the path, and re-select a new path, while keeping all the skills of his/her old path on the 1st and 2nd class transfer. This way, one could enjoy more choices in class development.

MMOsite: A unique feature of Magic World Online is its growing weapon system. Can you give us more info about this system? Anything different from the normal weapon upgrade system?

Kane Hao: Yes, the system is quite different from the normal weapon upgrade system in other games. In most games, players can upgrade weapons by using certain gem stones. In MWO, a grow weapon feeds on other weapons, and absorbs the attributes of the weapons it feeds on. Thus, a growing weapon might have infinite possibility for its attributes. Growing weapons in MWO are categorized into 4 types: Physical Attack, Skill Attack, Critical Strike Rating and Hit. To find out more, we definitely encourage you to experience this feature yourself.

MMOsite: Moving castle is an interesting concept. Where does your idea come from and how can we own a moving castle. And any benefits?

Kane Hao: As has been demonstrated in many movies such as Gladiator, Brave Beart, Lord of the Ring,,an army has to be well organized to win. By allowing guild players to cooperate to craft such a powerful moving castle, MWO also gives a gracious nod to the value of team spirit. This powerfu fighting machine will become available to craft, when all guild buildings in a guild reach Level 10. Aside from acting as an effective deterrent against individualistic heroism from the opposing camp, the moving castle varies according to the class of its master, controller, and passengers. For example, a moving castle that contains many archers and mages will become a moving spell-casting emplacement that deals powerful ranged attacks in movement.

MMOsite: Talk about the Robot system in Magic World Online. It allows players to level up away from their computer. Why did you decide to make botting official in Magic World Online? Maybe the server will be flooded by robots instead of players.

Kane Hao: In MWO, players simply use MWO Robot to free themselves from part of the game mechanics, namely the boring and unnecessary job for character control. Other gameplay, ranging from interesting quests to dynamic communication with friends, cannot be skipped simply because they all relate to the actual emotional experiences of MWO gameplay which is impossible for Robot to take over. The use of official Robot is much more powerful, efficient and safe than the use of illegal bot. It eliminates the need of illegal bots, and thus creates a truly “Fair” game environment. The virtual world also needs Artificial Intelligence, similar to the situation of the real world.

MMOsite: An old question, what kind of a combat system can we find in Magic World Online? How deep will the PvP combat go?

Kane Hao: MWO uses a real time combat system which allows your character’s spell-casting to be in real time against both other players and computer-controlled opponents. The immediacy and the intensity within combat can be felt smoothly when the details such as attack range, cooldown on physical and skill attacks, negative or beneficial status effects, hit and run strategies, monsters AIl are all delicately included. All these make the system of combat especially PvP great fun. Aside from the normal PvP combat, MWO has two additional PvP systems: Guild vs Guild (guild war), and Country vs Country (siege war, state war). PvP veterans can even risk their lives going deep into the opposing country to really test the limit of defense of the other country. Note that PvP is forbidden in some special places such as the the royal cities of each country. For those who do not want PvP, simply turn of the PK mode and turn on the Peace or Competition mode.

MMOsite: The players in Magic World Online are divided into two warring factions, the Dynasty and the Empire. How will you balance the two factions? It seems more players prefer to play a Dynasty character.

Kane Hao: As has been narrated in the game story, Dynasty is more appealing than Empire for it provides better sceneries. However, this temptation will gradually diminish as Dynasty’s per capita resources fall behind Empire’s by a great deal. The case has always been the same with the Chinese servers where Dynasty players either end up migrating to Empire or spreading the word that the overpopulation of Dynasty gives too much burden of resources. So you see this problem will solve itself. However, for the sake of CB II testing, we might use some special method to equalize the 2 sides in advance, so that the feature of country war can be tested thoroughly.

MMOsite: Players can get married and build their own house in Magic World Online. That is so romantic. How can we get married? And any requirements for owning a house? Can you share more info with us?

Kane Hao: Love does not mean looking at each other but look in the same direction. In compliance with the implication of this saying, couples can teleport to each other, and those who have the same or complementary abilities can team up to gain better bonus attributes (such as larger bonus experience points after defeating monsters). Before getting the blessings of marriage, one needs to be qualified both physically (Lv35) and economically (1 million gold, house optional). Then he or she who will make the romantic proposal will be asked to firstly complete a special marriage quest to be rewarded with a pair of engagement rings. They exchange and wear the rings for each other through trade. With the presence of the Wedding Ambassador and friends, the bride accepts the proposal, puts on the beautiful wedding suits and get on the gracious wedding carriage together with the bridegroom. Then the happy groomsman, bridesmaid and fireworks will accompany the carriage to go around the Royal City. They help give gifts to people until they arrive at marriage register to be truly authorized as a MWO couple.

It will go from happiness to ecstasy for most couples to own a house, and it is easy to do so. All they need is to purchase a title deed in game, or to obtain the title deed from some instance quests. After they purchase a house, they can decorate their house at will by hiring a maid, buying and distributing various pieces of furniture and so on. A house not only is a sign of identity, but also provides special benefits to its owner in many ways. For example, one can recover all HP/MP instantly when returning to his/her house.

MMOsite: Have you encountered any difficulties in localizing Magic World Online? Have you made any changes to cater to the American audience? And as far as I know, the Chinese version of Magic World Online has released five expansions. How frequent do you plan to release an expansion for your players?

Kane Hao: Many players have been continuously contributing to MWO localization, and so far most players have given us feedback saying they are very satisfied with MWO localization. Anyway, there’s still room for improvement. The remaining two expansion packages in the Chinese version have been prepared, and their schedule for release will be announced in a not-too-distant future.

MMOsite: When will you bring Magic World Online into open beta?

Kane Hao: MWO is scheduled for open beta in the second quarter, but we have not yet set the date yet. Our current focus is still to thoroughly test the game, and fix any bugs or problems as we uncover them. We intend to present to our players a game with a perfect game, a more fair and challenging game environment when Open Beta starts.

MMOsite: To conclude, is there anything else about Magic World Online you want to note for our readers?

Kane Hao: Thank you for having me here today. I am honored to present to the gamers of this amazing new-concept game. If you enjoy player MMOs but are tired of all the repetitive mouse clicking or all the illegal bots infested in an MMO, you should certainly give MWO a try. This is a game that includes many of the existing features of other games, plus some of the most innovative features. It is a fair game, easy to play, and you can make lots of friends and have lots of fun. In short, join us today in this wonderful Magic World!