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New Challenges of Magic World

Posted in: 06-25-2009           by: john

The first anniversary of MWO has ended but our pursuit of the best services and game experience to players will never end. Thus, following the string of the activities, more thrilling news is being presented.

The world of MWO has witnessed your aspiration for new journey and new adventure, which never fades. Also we’re convinced that the best way to honor your unbendable courage and valiance is to give even more challenges which are horrible but, when met, will fill you with morale! And that is what we’ll do very soon — new maps and new instances!

Let’s get a firsthand look at them!

New Game Maps:

Turtle Island

Located farthest north of the land, Turtle Island is abundant in mine ores as the largest military base of demons. With the massive number of volcanoes, smoke and fume shoots into the sky from the island.

To destroy the basis of demons’ force, humans need to march into the hinterland and drive them out of it, therefore to pave the way for the final victory!

Besides, please be cautious while on the island as there are two new breeds of monsters, physical and magic. The first type could get furious easily and attacks without discrimination while the latter moves in an eerie way, making it harder for players to defend. Perk up on expedition!



Wave Island

Water is the origin of life. Wave Island is exuberant with the blessing of water, which is also the stronghold of demons, the last resort they could turn to for protection.

Considering its importance, this tract of land is guarded by the elites, a group of the most barbaric ones. Debris and wreckages can be found everywhere on this seemingly vigorous and tranquil scenery.

The directors of Death Legion:

Odette: As the general of the legion and gruesome demogorgon, he has developed obsession with war and blood, especially enjoying marching into enemies, treading and tearing their bodies apart.

Custer: Unlike any other demon commander, he presides over horror and slaughter and has an insatiable lust for the twisted and agonal expression on enemies’ faces.

For whatsoever the final win or rewards, humans must pluck up courage to face up to them! Warriors, do your part!

To be continued…