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New Instances are coming—-Execrative Sanctuary and Wailing Stronghold

Posted in: 12-14-2009           by: john

The cold passed reluctantly from the Magic Land, and the retiring fog revealed an army of heroes and warriors stretched out of hills. They hacked all their ways through difficulties, eventually, reaching the Execrative Sanctuary, with their lion hearts.



The tattered Sanctuary astonished everyone at present. The ever-sacred place has been turned into a den of monster, hatching sins and darkness.

In a slip of awareness, monsters and devils have embraced them. Heroes and warriors went all out for killing and perishing 9 supreme bosses. What a fierce hassles it is! Fight for rarities, Fight for homeland!

Plenty of blood and sacrifice summoned the final victory and hold the rarities at righteousness’s disposal in Execrative Sanctuary.

However, it’s not a good time to make a wrap party. Following the smell of blood, more mobs were flooding towards the army of heroes!


It is said that when the expeditionary heroes were on their way home, they accidently entered a valley and came to a huge stronghold. In front of heroes’ faces, there were mobile fire towers and troppers. They are much more powerful and invincible than those who in Execrative Sanctuary. Although all of heroes were armed to teeth they fell down one after another in scarlet blood pond…At this moment, it dawned on heroes that hundreds of thousands evils have been multiplied here, taking mountains as shield, getting vicious fog as fences and setting grudging towers as protection…! It’s a demons Stronghold——Wailing Stronghold… 7 bosses were staring at them…No turning back now but to fight to death!

Nightmare begins…

Around Christmastide, MWO will release two new instances of Execrative Sanctuary and Wailing Stronghold.

Through Noah, the Earl (212, 235) in Sky City (D) and Graham, the Marquis (153, 178) in Sun City (E) players can be transferred in Execrative Sanctuary at a price of Staff for Black Dragon Leader, 5,000,000 gold and 500 Magic Token in team. When team captain collect all these required items you are on your way to conquer the monsters.

At the same NPC players can be transferred in Wailing Stronghold at a price of Staff of Fort Transportation, 5,000,000 gold and 500 Magic Token in team. When team captain collect all these required items you are on your way to conquer the nightmares.

When tanking Execrative Sanctuary, players need to get 3 keys to separately trigger off the second, third and forth treasure boxes.

Tips: The Deva Materials will be found in Execrative Sanctuary, and the Lv. 80 SB will be found in Wailing Stronghold. Try your Luck!