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Review from MWO Player: Eckox

Posted in: 03-18-2008           by: ben

The following is from the original work of Eckox in MWO forum. Click here to read this piece of writing in forum.

My Review Of The Game

As the games in close beta there will be things I’ll give pass to because I know when the games goes open beta these problems will be fixed.

Now on to the Review.

Graphics 6/10: For a 2.5d game the graphics are good, nice and colorful, every thing looks perfectly drawn, how ever the graphic animations are a different story, most look broken, or slow, when I cast an Ice ball It looks like the matrix when Its going towards the mob, I don’t know if this problem can be fixed due to the developers having to redraw every animation.

customization 5/10: When I first logged into the game there was about 10 clones of me, every one looked the same, I believe that there should be a option that when you make your character you get to choose the hair style and color, not wait untill you get 50k to do it later on in the game.

Sound 3/10: What sound? apart from the music that lasts for 1-2 minutes and the menu sounds thats It, Its all silent untill you cast a skill or spell, for an update I believe that there should be environment sounds (So if your in a desert you hear the sand blowing or vulcher noises or If your in a woody area you hear bird effects, trees rustling etc, character sounds(walking, getting hit and dieing, and monster sounds, (not just for boss monsters but for all monsters) theres really no excuse for not having these.

Game play 8/10: The game play on the other hand is good, loads of quests to do and the grind is kept to a minimal, with a in game bot this clearly erases grind from the game, but the down side with the bot is that there won’t be much of community talking to each other since most people who choose to use the bot will be away. So far I’m level 24, and the quests have not been too difficult to complete.

Summary: Magic World Online 7/10: With this review I am not bashing the game because I believe that the game has potential, theres plenty to do with quests and professions and a theres a lot of class builds to choose (16 in total), the game play is easy so you won’t need to be a expert with mmo’s to play the game, I hope that some issues do get sorted out because the game can more a lot more better then currently is.