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Game Features - The Massive State War

Posted in: 06-18-2008           by: iris

War Prologue

       Dynasty on the north of the MagicLand, and Empire on the south of the MagicLand had historical disputes especially the division method for the resourceful Golden Plain. As this bitter border dispute grew mad on time, an all-out war between the two countries broke out, attempting to settle it, this endless historical matter and hatred once and for all. However, a turning point happened unexpectedly changing the blood and massacre between Humans into some complicated infernal affairs with Devils.

      Even though, the remaining heroes of the MagicLand unregretedly kept their principles. Their petty dignity out of feeble but daring resistance was well respected. And their resolute refusal to meaningless survival from Devils’ sympathy had been giving very strong courage to those average people.

      Readily taking the responsibility to serve the country, infinite compatriots will again send in Golden Plain, a most well known Hero Bone-yard to rescue the destiny of MagicLand. What will be the final outcome?
Time marches on. The first all-out war in Golden Plain had witnessed the great frustration on both sides’ military forces: one hundred thousand souls of Dynasty officers and soldiers would forever stay in the lost Golden City, while the transient winner (Empire) over Dynasty didn’t either manage to escape from the devastating Devils.

       It is true that general acknowledgement of force and power dominance came of age. And this situation and condition was apparently in urgent need of some reformist cooperation against Devils. However, the deep-rooted hostility and hatred between the two factions simply incline people to reject compromise.

      To prevent the tomorrow of compatriots from going from bad to worse, people not only need to make every possible effort against Devils, but also have to struggle against their emotional selves.

War Launch

       Character at Lv30 will have the chance to serve the country at 7PM PST. Gain Glory Points by defeating opposing players and destroying guards and other properties. (no glory point gained from killing players 10 levels lower than you, and PK loser can revive at the revival site) According to varied value of glory points, official position and item prize will be rewarded (possible extra rewards for outshining glory points). Official position allows house ownership, which in turn allows the award for higher official position.

a) Enter the map for State War (Golden Plain)

1. The entrance for State War map is in Armed Coast, Dynasty or Hope Oasis, Empire

2. Those countrymen who are in Golden Plain before State War starts can quit the scene and enter again to refresh

b) Enter the battle ground

Talk to the fort NPC (Battleground Teleporter) once you enter the map. He will teleport you to different gates.

3) State Glory Points: +1 Glory Point for every honorable killing, +1,000 Glory Point for destroying one stronghold, +10,000 Glory Point for Guard Dragon takedown.

Individual Glory Points: +1 Glory Point for every honorable killing on enemy less than 7 levels lower than you, +1 Glory Point for every thankful revival
When the war ends, Glory Point Rating Board for Top10 Heroes will pop up.

State War lasts for 1 hour. Factions that hit 100, 200… Glory Points will be reported to both sides.
Individuals that hit 10, 50, 100, 200, 300…will be reported to all players on both sides.

4) Strategy Example

Strongholds are one critical factor that determines the outcome of state war. Stronghold destruction will be reported.

Guard Dragon is too powerful to be defeated. However, its attribute will reduce at stronghold destruction. Much fun involved, please experience more for yourselves. Guard Dragon takedown will be reported too.

5) Outcome

1. State War ends in 2 hours. The side owning the highest State Glory Points wins. Those who outlive the state war will be rewarded with War Packages.

2. State War ends in 2 hours. Players on the same server owning the Top10 Individual Glory Points will be rewarded with State War Glory Package.

3. Before open the Battlefield Prize Package, please confirm there are more than 3 slots in your backpack.

6) Prize

1. State War Glory Package (Top10 Individual Glory Points) contains mostly advanced gemstones of various kinds. It is a matter of luck concerning who gain legend gears, weapons etc.

2. War Package (Winner Side) contains mostly advanced gemstones of various kinds. It is a matter of luck concerning who gain weapon souls, legend components.

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