Special Prize for Platinum Buyers April & May

Posted in: 03-29-2012           by: Ville

Here it goes the event rules:

We’ll count your total payment since June 1, 2011, for each $300 mark you hit, you will get a prize and you can pick one from the prize list. Still no idea how this event works? Click here to see the details.

Prize List:

Prize A: An Adult GoldenTiger or SilverTiger

New Tiger Mount with awesome stats.

Prize B: 2x God Cultivated Gem (Leech/Skill Attack/Critical Physical Strike or Skill AP )

2x God Cultivated Gem with 125 leech/385 skill attack/10 Critical Physical Strike or Skill AP.

Prize C: A Reflection Stone

A Reflection Stone with 15 skill rebound.

Prize D: God Created Pet Amulet (Leech/Skill Attack)

A God Created Pet Amulet with 184 leech or 568 skill attack.

Prize E: A Divine Material

You can specify the divine material you want.

If you are eligible for the prize, you can claim 1 of those 5 prizes by sending the ticket to http://support.enjoymmo.com with your account name, server name, prize type and some details like the kind of the gem, amulet, divine mat,etc..We will send the prize directly to your mailbox within 5 working days. Any other questions, just feel free to contact us via the support center.