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The Power of Super Blessed Crystal, Impossible Is Nothing!

Posted in: 10-16-2008           by: iris

Does your growing weapon get capped at a certain level? Now it is time for you to bring them an exciting new life!

As is generally acknowledged, the personified growing weapon in Magic World Online can upgrade through stages and stages like an outstanding athlete. However, it is always great pity as well as inevitable to see the great athlete and the incredible growing weapon become less and less flexible as they develop continually on their professional tracks.

Compared to the success rate of using 4 Big Blessed Crystals to upgrade growing weapon from +15 to +16, the success rate of using 4 Super Blessed Crystals will triple the probability.

You can simply buy Super Blessed Crystal from mall. Or you can use Moonlight Box, your handy magic maker of the Magic Land to compose 4 Big Blessed Crystals into 1 Super Blessed Crystal.