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The Ultimate Sacred Equipment is finally released!

Posted in: 04-16-2009           by: john

When the last devil was killed by our hero, the Dark Fort began to collapse. At the same time, a secret illusion space appeared. What is it? The sage said the Dark Fort Illusion was always hiding itself in the gap of space. Due to the real Dark Fort was broken, the Illusion came to the real world. Now the air is full of evil smell and dangers. War is upon us.

Since no details about Dark Fort Illusion have been recorded by adventurer guild, it will be the first time for warriors in Magic World to explore this unknown space! From former adventurers’ words we learned that there is no turning back on this journey. Myriad adventurers lost their lives there. You have to identify the ultimate Boss among great numbers of fakes in Illusion. Alsace, the Death Knight (Boss) is the dominator in Illusion. Defeat it, you will get the precious material which is used to compound the ultimate equipment — Deva Suit.

Deva of War who is superior to Mars is in charge of everything relevant to war. The blessed equipment will overpower any other ones! Only undaunted warrior is worthy to hold it!

The suit includes Helmet, Gauntlets, Boots, Armor, Cloak and Belt. Besides the 6 pieces of equipments, there are 2 powerful weapons, Deva of War’s Butchery Sword and Deva of War’s Smash Hammer.

Deva of Hunting Suit

All the hunting crafts, traps and bows are in the charge of Deva of Hunting and all the archers and hunters are under Deva of Hunting’s protection. Deva of Hunting prepares supreme and ideal suits for archers and hunters and hides them in Illusion!

The suit includes Helmet, Gauntlets, Boots, Armor, Cloak and Belt. Besides the 6 pieces of equipment, there are 2 unparalleled weapons, Deva of Hunting’s Blaze Gun and Deva of Hunting’s Meditation Bow.

Deva of Magic Suit

Deva of Magic who is the forefather of magic has controlled on all the elements and magic in divine world. You can trace his name in many mantra. The Deva of Magic left a suit which is composed of pure element to magician.

The suit includes Helmet, Gauntlets, Boots, Armor, Cloak and Belt and Deva of Magic’s Supremacy Staff.

Deva of Nature Suit

As the embodiment of Nature, he rules nature and control nature. He is the master of plants and nature magic! Deva of Nature baptizes the Deva of Nature Suit with his own blood. However, it is locked in Illusion by demons now!

Basic equipment includes Helmet, Gauntlets, Boots, Armor, Cloak and Belt. Besides the 6 equipment, there are two weapons, Deva of Nature’s Genesis Scythe and Deva of Nature’s Destruction Chain.

After you killed all the true Bosses, Alsace will bring himself onto stage with darkness and catastrophes! And…he also possesses some parts of Deva Suit! It’s your turn now….!

Tips: You can exchange for Deva Suit at Blacksmith [Dynasty (232,140) / Empire (168, 284)] in Dynasty and Empire.

The Formula of Compounding Deva Suit

+5St. Gold Helmet + Deva’s Thought = Deva’s Helmet

+5St. Gold Amor + Deva’s Soul = Deva’s Amor

+5St. Gold Gauntlets + Deva’s Mastery = Deva’s Gauntlets

+5St. Gold Cloak + Deva’s Glory = Deva’s Cloak

+5St. Gold Belt + Deva’s Guard = Deva’s Belt

+5St. Gold Boots + Deva’s Force = Deva’s Boots

Items required for Deva Suit’s Weapon:

+15St. Gold Weapon + Deva’s Power =+14 Deva’s Weapon

+16St. Gold Weapon + Deva’s Power = +15Deva’s Weapon

+17St. Gold Weapon + Deva’s Power = +16Deva’s Weapon

+18St. Gold Weapon + Deva’s Power = +17Deva’s Weapon

+19St. Gold Weapon + Deva’s Power = +18Deva’s Weapon

+20St. Gold Weapon + Deva’s Power= +19Deva’s Weapon

PS. The higher leveled Deva weapon will have better attributes. For example: The +15 Deva weapon will have better attributes than the +14 Deva weapon! :)

Get Your Suit for Free!

Many players are quite animated to obtain high-level suits. But they complain about their former suits which will be no longer useful since then at the same time.

However suit system in New Magic World Online is totally different.

Let us show you what’s new about our suit system:

We regard the issue of suit system as a milestone of New Magic World Online even the game field. It brings about lot of changes in obtaining equipment.

1. You Don’t Need to Throw Former Suit Away

There is suit-upgrading system in New Magic World Online. The legend suit can be upgraded to Deva suit. You don’t need to throw former suit away. They could be the component of high level suit.

2. We will Guide You to Obtain the Ultimate Deva Suit

We will guide you to find out the rare Deva suit whose power overrides any other suits! It will add unparalleled strength to you!

3. Players Can Get Suits for Free

We aim to be the most economical online game! So, is there any reason to ask you to pay for the suits? Every suit in our game is free to players! You can get unit of suit by killing bosses and compounding items!